Notary office of Didier PINCEMIN Notary at PLEMET

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The Notary Office of Plemet, whose head office is based in this town has two secondary offices based in Plouguenast and Plessala and they have been led by Maitre Didier Pincemin, Notary, since 1999

A competent and dynamic team supports him enabling him to give his expertise to the various clients, be private or professional either regarding family matters (adoption, marriage, deed of gifts, separation, succession), or real estate matters, (negotiation, purchase, sale, valuation, rental management) or rural matters (farming land rental, sale of agricultural businesses, purchase/sale of land, rural lease contracts, setting up of companies), in business law matters ( artisan and retail businesses transfers and business lease contracts, management lease contract, setting up of companies) and asset management.

All the above main fields constitute the daily work at the Office, this Notary office has developed specific expertise because of its location in a rural and semi-urban area, notably in rural matters and the use of English language and will focus tomorrow on mediation and real estate assessment. This office also give support regarding any project involving new energies and especially wind power projects.

Me Pincemin considers customer service is important and has implemented a quality label certification with the help of his employees ( LRQA certification) and practises the digitization of deeds he draws up (registration of the deeds at the land registry offices via dematerialised deeds and digital signatures with the official digital deed technology (AAE)

With state of the art equipment Me Pincemin is forever searching for a best working environment at work for his staff, he always focuses on technological advances and training.

Particular attention is paid daily by the whole team working in this Notary Office to the involvement of the clients in the successful conduct of their cases and this involvement fixes tomorrow’s goals.

The way this Notary office works is based on the principle that the trust placed in it has to be deserved.

The Notary Office in Plemet welcomes you to its various branches and thanks you : entrust that all our energies are employed to keep you satisfied.


Born on 06/19/1965 at SAINT BRIEUC,

Graduate of notarial higher education

Notary since 1999

Me Pincemin

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